Lola Archer Pickett as a child

HELLO, I’M Lola.

I’ve always been able to read the essence of a space like a book… Even as a child, I could instantly feel the energy of the homes I lived in, my classrooms, friends’ houses, and even photos in magazines.

I’d experiment with shifting a few small details, moving my furniture around, or editing my belongings until the space felt right.

This felt-sense of alignment wasn’t limited to physical spaces… I felt the same way about clothing — and even though I was mercilessly teased for my sense of style at school — I decided early on that authentic self-expression was my priority.

But, as often happens, I lost touch with this inner knowing and confidence for many years. I pursued more “practical” paths and eventually built a successful business as a transformational coach, online course creator, and international wellness retreat leader… 

For two decades, my meticulous eye for design played only a supporting role.

…It wasn’t until my heart quite literally gave me a wake-up call that I decided to shift gears
and focus on sacred space design full time.

These days, I partner with homeowners, retreat centers, boutique hotels, and select digital projects to create spaces + style that are intentional, inspiring, and energetically aligned.

As a result of our work together, numerous clients have fast-tracked their careers, felt more satisfied and present than ever with their loved ones, and attracted aligned opportunities at a speed that defies logic.

Wellbeing is a natural and almost effortless result…

…when your space & style is designed to elevate your energy, clear your mind, and nourish your soul.

Ultimately, my mission is to help you step into radiant aliveness.

A few of my favorite things

Favorite Destination: Mojave Desert

Signature Style: warm minimalism

I’m often: Out Hiking

FAVE Cuisine: Middle Eastern


On repeat: Blue Sky Black Death Noir

Not long ago, I was locking myself in the bathroom to cry every night, made myself too busy with work to avoid feeling, thought I would never be able to have real friends, and blocked anyone from loving me. How amazing to be here now… I embody ME. I have a community of soul family. I am able to be totally open and in love… I am forever grateful to you and this work.

E.H., Teacher

With your support, I have completely redesigned my life. I feel at home in my body, I am in the healthiest relationship of my life, and my work is meaningful to me AND the planet. I can’t wait to see what we co-create next!

Kristen, Marketing VP

Here’s how we can work  together


When it’s time to redesign your space, overhaul your personal style, or create a web home for your soul work, let’s connect to discuss your project.


Learn more about my 10-month transformational coaching immersion, including sessions, private retreats, and bespoke interior + personal styling.


I love facilitating wellness retreats and always have at least one on my upcoming schedule. Apply or join the waitlist for my current retreat offerings.

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